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Biting Your Way to Weight Loss?

There are seemingly endless ways to lose weight. Some are reasonable. Some are very sound. Other are. . . well. . . .let’s call them creative. Still, others are plain wrong.

What if there is a simple way to get the results that you are looking for. Scientists from the University of Brigham Young in Utah may, in fact, have found the way.

Over 60 people volunteered to be a part of the study at BYU which took one month to complete. Scientists asked them to do (and not do) a few simple things:

  1. DON’T count calories.
  2. DO count the number of bites they took each day.

Kind of a unique approach to weight loss isn’t it?

Once a baseline of bites was established, scientists asked the participants to reduce the number of bites by 20-30%.

The end result was an average of 4.5 pounds of fat loss during the month.

Doc’s Thoughts: This is a creative way of getting people to focus on body awareness. When you “distract” self from things such as calories and focus on bites, a new pathway and new approach is established. Another way of saying it is that old habits are broken.

Once a habit is broken, a new one can be established. In this case, now the there was a reduce in bits (and thus a reduction in food), the types of food can be the next step.

In short, it is a way of re-teaching people how to eat. Simple but effective.

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