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How to Deal with an Obsessive Talker

Ever come across someone and ask them how they are doing, and proceed to get a 24-minute monologue.

Ever run with someone who talks and talks and talks incessantly. . . and you have 18 miles to go?!

It is not just rudeness or poor manners. There are both physiological and psychological reasons (and corrections) for this behavior.

The Physical

Incessant chatter is a result of a weakness of the spleen. The spleen is an organ responsible for a number of different physiological processes such as digestive and immune function. It is also the organ that when weakened, will cause constant chatter, both inside one’s head and also externally.

The reason for a weakening of the spleen is excessive consumption of sugar and/or dairy. This causes the spleen to go into an “infinite loop” whereby one’s thoughts and inner dialogue are constantly active. Think “hamster wheel.”

The correction for this is a detailed herbal formula specifically designed for the individual. (Call my office at 407-401-9092 to set up an appointment. I am an expert in this area.)

For a short term, “band-aid” approach, there is a formula called Ba Zhen Wan. It can be found at virtually any Herbal Store and is inexpensive (typically about $10). It nourishes the blood and strengthens the energy of the spleen. When taken regularly, there is a difference noted about 10 days and a huge difference noted after about 6 weeks.

Aside from helping the blood and overall energy of the spleen, it helps to calm the mind and organize your thoughts. You are now in change of thoughts, versus thoughts controlling you.

The “Other than” Physical

There are quite a number of non-physical reasons for obsessive talking and unless you get to the root via personalized care, it can be a tough road ahead.

Typical reasons include:

Anxiety, difficulty and trauma of a loss (such as a spouse or even a career) triggers some into this “talking incessantly loop,” particularly about the incident and event itself.

Excessive stress or inability to deal with stress can also be the trigger for such behavior. A noted study from Brandeis University pointed out the correlation between stress and obsessive talking.
Lack of Purpose. Some people have not taken the challenge of life head on. Instead, they “drift” about the perimeter and never really go to the core of life. They have little or no friends, hobbies, interests or passions. As such, incessant talking becomes a replacement for doing or finding a bigger purpose.
Loneliness and the lack of genuine communication opportunities can also be a major source for talking incessantly. They have much to say, and no one to speak to OR no one who genuinely listens to them. As such, when the few moments arise, it is like a dam bursting.
There are other, more serious issues such as bipolar disorder and drug use that can be the causative agents but that is outside the scope of this article.

Again, getting to the root takes time and effort, but it is BY FAR, the most effective way of addressing this issue. Take action on this issue. This is not only an unhealthy habit, but a symptom of problems to come.

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