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Still Want to Take 2 Weeks Off From Training? Not After Reading This!

You are a little tired and want to take the week off from training. No problem. One week becomes 2 weeks. Houston, we have a problem.

New research from the¬†University of Copenhagen found that by taking time off — as little as 14 days — will reduce your strength by as much as 1/3. Another way of saying it? A 2-week hiatus would reduce a 25 years olds strength level to the average 40-year-old.

It is not quite as bad for those 40 and over. They only lost 1/4 of the strength.

It took on average, 6 weeks of biking 3-4 times per week to recapture the “magic.”

Moral of the story? A couple of days is fine. Healthy, even, from both a physical and mental standpoint. When days become weeks, the problems begin.


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