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What in the World is Cupping?

You have seen the end results. The news has made a big deal out of it. Just ask Olympic champion swimmer, Michael Phelps.

It looks like you have been attacked by a strong octopus or something to this effect. Perfectly circular discoloration on large surface areas such as the shoulders or back is the end result.

The method is “new,” according to the press. Yes, “new” . . . . only 2000 years old and a regular method practiced by those of us in Natural and Oriental Medicine. It is called cupping.

Cupping is a simple and yes, painless procedure. The practitioner gets a glass (sometimes plastic) cup, creates a vacuum and places the cup on an area that is sore or is experiencing some time of blockage or stagnation. Sometimes is it moved up and down. Most of the time it is left there for a few minutes.

End results? Typical benefits include:

  • Relief of soreness and pain in general
  • Helps to clear respiratory and other issues with breathing
  • Any type of superficial blockage or stagnation as mentioned including bruises, aches and swelling
  • Improve circulation
  • Helps alleviate the problems and pains of PMS and other issues with menstruation

As mentioned, it is safe and painless, along with being quite effective.

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