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How to Get Body Fat Low

You have read the diets.

You have read the fads.

You have seen the exercise plans that promise dramatic fat loss in 2 hours. More or less.

You may have tried a few. Come on, admit it. Atkins? The Zone? Which one was it? Or how many?

If you are like most people, according to recent statistics, you have tried between 7-11 diet or dietary plans. Most fat loss plans do not work.

This does, for everyone, every time.

A meta-study (which means a study of all of the other studies. For example, they may have reviewed 200 different studies about one subject. This is a meta study.) from the US Department of Agriculture showed the following:

The body-fat percentage that is the lowest by far are those individuals who have the greatest daily energy output.

In other words, the more active you are, the more likely you are to be fit, thin and healthy.

The study continues: It matters not what type of exercise but it must be rigorous and consistent.

Doc’s Thoughts: You cannot avoid it. Our bodies are meant to be active and regardless of how a person tries to avoid it, the more they try the worst it gets.

Conversely, the more active a person is, the more healthy they become. The more output of energy, the more energy they find they have. It may take a bit of time if you have not been active. Start today. Your health is worth it.

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