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Why I Hate Robert Allen

OK, I really don’t “hate” Robert Allen. Hate is not something I allow in my life.

Truth be told, I do not know him personally. He is just someone that  I allowed to almost destroy my life.

That’s all.

About 12 years ago, I was invited to attend one of Robert Allen’s seminars. For those who may not know, Allen is the guy who started the “no money down” real estate scheme a few decades ago. His books were popular back then as was his lecture circuit. He is also one of the contributor to the real estate crash around 2008.

It was a free 3-day event where a number of big name speakers like T. Harv Eker and Marshall Sylver would do a 1-3 hour lecture on a variety of financial and personal growth topics. Allen was the big star, along with his partner in crime, Mark Victor Hanson (he of the Chicken Soup for Everything fame).

In truth, it was a sales push versus a “financial and personal growth” seminar. This was free but the “real” information was in the next seminar. Coincidentally, this happened to be the one that was $4000 or something along these lines.

For reasons I have yet to determined — too much time spent in the sun, too hard a hit to the head in one of my martial arts classes, alien takeover maybe —  I fell for this and jumped into the real estate world. After all, Allen said it would be lucrative and sooooo many people were making sooooo much money doing this. Hey, why not me?! After all, I did read Robert Allen’s books and took his course.

Long story short, it was a nightmare of epic proportions. I hated every single second of it and knew it was a mistake right from the very first (and last) “investment” house. Flipping was extremely difficult. Renting was a strained disaster. Finally, after 8 years of being drained, we sold the house. I can say with complete truth that is was one of the worst experiences of my life. Maybe THE worst. Certainly in the bottom 3.

“Gurus” like Allen and others, in my opinion, do not sell houses or courses. They sell you the dream. Or their dream.  Nor do they do not make their money from flipping houses. They make their money from selling their courses.

If you have this type of passion for selling and buying and selling houses, go for it! A word of caution.  . . . Please take your notebook and highlighter out for this one. Ready? It is the best information you will receive in your entire life.





I did not have this level of commitment. If fact, I ONLY saw it as a means to an end. “I could make money doing this so that I have money to do something I love.” This is the absolute perfect formula for a total energy draining, insomnia-inducing, colon twisting, ulcer-inducing nightmare.

On the flip side, if real estate is your passion, go for it. In fact, I would suggest that you MUST do it. It is what will make you happy and thus, what you can share with the world.

It took this disaster to open my eyes to the age old adage of “Do what you love.” It was a hard lesson.

Correction. It was a brutal lesson, one that I shall not, under any and all circumstances come remotely close to repeating.

I always had an “opposite man” in my environment. I do not know what to do at all times, but I always managed to have someone in my life or work space that would be a great Anti-Teacher; that is, they would do the things that were always against the grain and ended up as failures or some type of pain. I did not know what to do but after observing them, I knew exactly what NOT to do and look for its opposite.

Little did I imagine that one day, I would become Opposite Man.

Today, October 18th, 2016 at 5:13pm, I hereby resign my post as Opposite Man in this one area and claim my role of Teacher, Expert, and Instructor for which I excel and have the deepest of passion for. I am great at Natural Medicine and helping people with their health and their life. Real estate, other than my beautiful home. . . .  . . . NEVER again!

Thank you Robert Allen. I learned a great lesson. In the process, I hope others reading this will extract the powerful lessons and apply them to their lives, thanks to my temporary and now former role of Opposite Man.

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David is a Nutritional and Alternative Medicine Expert, Educator and Entrepreneur. As an Acupuncture Physician and Master Herbalist, he has created the best selling anti aging formula, Doc Wellness Supplement and the online school - Dr. Orman's Wellness School.

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