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How Emotions Cause Diseases

In Natural Medicine,  we look at correlations and connections. We also look at the complete picture. Unlike standard care, we know we cannot isolate or separate the mind from the body from the spirit. All are part of the whole and when one is affected, all are both contributors and affected also.

As such here is a listing of causes you probably never knew:

  • Jealousy. This is a condition of the liver. As such, it can be a contributor to diseases that weaken the immune system.
    Vengefulness. Contributor to insomnia and diseases of the throat.
  • Unable to find a given solution to a given problem. Contributor to diseases associated with the lungs and respiratory system.
  • Lacking in morals. Contributor to virtually all chronic diseases, infections and problems of the skin.
  • Rigidity in belief. Contributor to diabetes, migraines and inflammatory reactions.
  • Sexual promiscuity. Contributor to epilepsy.
  • Aggressiveness. Contributor to gastric ulcers, acid reflux and warts.
  • Reticence. Contributor to kidney issues.
  • Cruelty. Contributor to asthma and anemia.
  • Seeking out conflicts. Contributor to thyroid issues.
  • Apathy. Contributor to diabetes.
  • Inconsistent behaviors. Contributor to infertility.
  • Rudeness. Contributor to diabetes and heart disease.
  • Anxiety. Contributor to kidney or heart issues.
  • Greed. Contributor to obesity and kidney issues.
  • Anger. Contributor to liver and vision problems.
  • Overworry. Contributor to digestive problems and obesity.
  • Grief. Contributor to problems with the lungs.
  • Fear. Contributor to kidney problems, dental problems, low back painand weakness and problems with hearing.
  • Indeciviness. Contributor to gall bladder issues and digestive problems.

Please note this is a guidelines. Not all obesity issues for example are a direct result of greed or overworry.

Nevertheless, it is a solid guideline to begin the inner search for answers.

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