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How to Clean Your Fat Traps

You clean and tidy your home. If you are struggling to “tidy” up your physique, the problem may be in . . . .of all places. . . .your sink.

New studies from the journal Toxicology found that soaps and household cleaning products carry chemicals that are called obesogens. As the name implies, these are to be avoided as they contribute to obesity and fat accumulation. Couple this with prior studies which noted that phthalates in plastic containers can be disease causing (particularly for women), you now have some double trouble in the sink.

What happens is that frequent exposure to these substances disrupts fat metabolism causing one to gain weight while overloading the liver in the process.

Look for natural cleaners. Consider substances such as African Black Soap which is chemical free, helping you stay trim and clean in the process.

The “Big 3” to watch out for are:

  1. Air fresheners. Switch from the “popular supermarket” brands to something natural. Consider essential oils. A drop on your lightbulb will help.
  2. Showerhead, due to the water dragging in chemicals from the PVC pipes. An inexpensive water purifier will do the trick here.
  3. Plastic Containers. When in doubt, go with glass.

Small changes can go a long way to overall health and wellness.

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