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Battle of the Snacks: Which One Wins?

Fruit or nuts? The “battle of which one is more healthy continues.

I am being facetious of course but there is a debate which one is healthier and should be consumed more than the other.

Here are the pros and cons, followed by guidelines.

PROs and CONs


  • Blueberries have a low GI index but are exceptionally good for the kidney energy.
  • Fruit contains a good amount of healthy fiber which slows the release of sugar in the bloodstream, slowing the spikes and crashes.
  • Wide variety but quick to perish.
  • 21g in a glass of orange juice for example which can lead to weight gain.
  • Grapefruit combats cancer, reduces heart disease risk and slows skin aging.
  • The sugar in fruit does not raise levels of appetite-suppressing hormones, adding to the craving feelings.


  • Reduce heart disease by 34%
  • Contain healthy fats which help to burn unhealthy (body) fat as well as reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Great protein source but can be expensive.
  • High in calories. Ex/ 100g bag of almonds has double the calories of a McDonald’s cheeseburger.
  • Pistachios improve circulation and help with digestion.
  • Here is an odd one. The act of unshelling a nut reduces consumption by 59%.

The overall “winner:” Nuts. The overall health benefits of nuts outweigh its counterpart.


  • Fruit should be eaten by itself.
  • Best to be consumed either prior to OR post exercise, particularly endurance based exercise such as a 10-mile run or 40-mile bike ride.
  • Nuts can be consumed post meal which will help reduce sugar cravings and provide a fullness.
  • Eating nuts between meals can also reduce appetite.

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