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5 Signs You Are Deficient in This Vitamin

Over the years, Vitamin D has become regarded as one of the most valued substances in the body. More and more research is showing that the body needs this vitamin for a variety of physiological functions.

Here are 5 symptoms that, if you are experiencing at least 4, are most likely indicators that you are lacking in Vitamin D:

  1. Muscle soreness and weakness. The type of soreness or discomfort can vary but THE key is the following – “I feel sore and weak for no known reason; that is, I did not go to the gym for 3 hours yesterday or work in the yard all afternoon etc.” If you experience this, you are most likely deficient in Vitamin D.
  2. Weakened immunity. When vitamin D levels are low, our immune system is low and we are susceptible to colds, flu and other pathogens. High levels of vitamin D receptors can be found in the immune cells, making this vitamin a requirement for high immunity.
  3. Depression. This is the star of the show, so to speak. A strong connection has been made between depression and low levels of vitamin D. One discovery involves the correlation between seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Mad sense, given the lower levels of sunlight exposure during various seasons.
  4. Excessive perspiration. A strange one here. There is a  tendency for people to sweat more without sufficient vitamin D levels. The problem then compounds with issues such as dehydration, mineral and trace minerals deficiency along with lower levels of potassium and sodium.
  5. Heart Problems. There is a  correlation between low vitamin D levels and cardiovascular disease. When one is present, the odds are that the other will be as well.

And one more for good measure – skeletal issues. Years ago, research indicated that the key substance to a healthy skeletal system was flax seed oil. Today, it looks like Vitamin D has taken over in this regard.

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