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Spicy Your Life and Lower Your BP


Problem with high blood pressure? If you are wanting to lower your BP the natural and safe way, add some spice to your food.

The key ingredient in spicy foods is called Capsaicin and this is the substance that helps to lower blood pressure.

Research has shown that eating spicy foods on a regular basis will help flood your system with capsaicin. This, in turn,  helps relax blood vessels by improving the production of a natural substance called nitric oxide or NO. NO is a molecule which is designed to help protect blood vessels against inflammation. It is used for improving endurance via endurance athletes such as runners or triathletes and used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction* as well.

Find your nearest Thai or Indian restaurant or section of the supermarket and add some spice to your life and say goodbye to high blood pressure.


*Additional uses include the following:

  • Pain, general or specific.
  • Nervous system problems including shingles, neuralgia
  • Cluster headaches and migraines
  • Joint problems including arthritis
  • Skin conditions including rashes, psoriasis

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