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We Eat With Our. . . . Eyes

OK, this is not technically true but the eyes play a huge factor in what we consume and how much.  New research states that people are very influenced by color so much so that they fool themselves into tasting what their eyes view. In other words, we taste what we (think we) see.

In one experiment, many tasters viewed a cherry flavored soda tasting “like citrus” because the color was bright orange.

In short, when color is altered, the brain is confused and forwards the message of confusion to the taste buds.

How can we “fix” this problem; that is, what steps can be taken to not be fooled into eating foods that are unhealthy, simply because they look good. Here are 3 ways:

  1. Avoid process foods in any color, shade or hue not found in Nature. Think of the foods consumed based almost solely on color, such as sugary cereal, candy and mac n’ cheese.
  2. Matted containers are viewed as “healthy” as compared to glossy,  regardless of the ingredients. Therefore, Step 2 is: Always be sure to check the ingredient list.
  3. Switch dishes. Eat from a smaller bowl versus larger one. The rim of a play may trick a person into thinking there is less food than what actually exists. A bowl, particularly one filled to the very top, give the impression of abundance and volume. The end result is that a person typically consumed much less.

Our eyes can play tricks on us as we have noted many times in life. You probably never thought of this area — food — as being one of them. However, make the simple adjustments above and you can use the Eye/Brain connection to create a life of wellness and an overall fit, healthy body.

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