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5 Strange, Effective Ways To Lose Fat

You know the tried and true ways of burning off fat.

  • Reduce calorie intake.
  • Increase exercise, both volume and intensity
  • Increase protein/reduce carbohydrate
  • Increase green vegetable intake
  • Live life with passion

They work for anyone and everyone. Stick with them long enough and they will work for you as well.

One challenge is that true be told, it can be boring and monotonous. Eating mainly the same foods, going to gym and doing basically the same thing. And how many pieces of broccoli can you eat?!

Here are 5 somewhat odd ways that can help a person burn fat and add some variety into the mix. Like the above, they work for anyone and everyone.

  1. A new study from the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing found that an easy “traffic light system” with green, amber and red dots connoting calorie counts actually influenced diners to eat healthier. Put stickers on the foods that you buy and the innate “stop, slow down or go” will kick into gear.
  2. A study done by Virginia Tech scientists stated that people who drank 500 ml of water prior to meals lost about 2 kg more weight versus those who did not. That translates to a 44% increase in fat loss.
  3. A study from Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism found those exposed to cold for a few hours daily burned 30% more calories. We are talking just 15 degrees Celsius less than normal. Turn down the thermostat a few degree before bedtime.
  4. Researchers found that more unexpected tastes in a meal – good or bad – makes you eat 10% less. In other words, variety is both the spice of life and a key to fat loss.
  5. Scientists from St George’s Hospital in London found people who applied vanilla patches to their palms altered serotonin levels in their brain. This is the chemical which made them less likely to eat chocolate and sweets in general.

Yes, these are a bit odd and unusual but you cannot argue with the results. Mix the above now and again with a solid eating/training/supplementation program and you will experience a new, steady level of wellness.

The one you always wanted.

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