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How to Boost Your Mood When You Are Down

There has been much focus lately on depression. New meds seem to come out on a weekly basis. But is there a better, safer way to elevate one’s mood? Researchers at the University of Connecticut think so. So do I!

The study involved a little over 400 people who were considered middle age. For starters, the participants went into details about their daily exercise programs (or lack thereof) and how they felt in general. They also reported levels of pain, be it physical or emotional.

The end results?

Those who led inactive lives and those who participated in “light” activity showed the greatest improvement in their emotional and psychological states after only 4 days of exercise.

The activity involved walking at a 15 minute or so, “conversational” pace. In other words, they were not pouring sweat doing CrossFit.

Doc’s Thoughts: The study was good but they missed a huge component – doing things that evoke passion. In other words, there is a major difference between “doing exercise because it is supposed to be good for you” and “running a marathon because it brings incredible joy into my life!!!!”

I strongly suspect based on observing patients that the former does little good and the latter is life changing. The difference is passion. When it is present, great things happen emotionally, spiritually and physically. When absent, it is hollow and empty movements.

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