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3 More Fat Loss Methods To Add

diet-403588_640We continue to build the list of “how to” methods for fat loss. Let’s go ahead and toss 3 more into the mix.

  1. Dairy foods but not calcium or calcium-based supplements promote fat loss. In the past few years, several large studies have shown that consuming dairy foods were linked to lower body fat. Calcium supplements had no effect on overall weight or fat loss.
  2. Avoid low fat diets. Despite promoting them for more than 3 decades, low-fat diets do not work. Fat has been the “evil” but it is based on marketing, not science.
  3. I.F. They are the 2 letters that can dramatically help you. I.F. stands for intermittent fasting. It is basically eating 3 meals and nothing in between. Years ago, people called it “normal eating.” Now, there is a fancy term attached to it, but it is still nothing more than common sense eating. 3 healthy meals. No snacking in between. The latter gives the system a chance to rest and regenerate while the former provides the needed fuel.

We will continue to build upon this list.

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