Four Ways to Lose More Fat

diet-398611_640Everyone loves list. They help us organize and apply useful information. Given this fact, here is a list of 4 of the best weight loss methods around

  1. Jet lag adds to obesity. As if security checks, delays and airline food was not enough, jet lag was found to alter the microbes in the gut in a most unhealthy fashion, leading to obesity. Rest along with FOS and acidophilus will correct this issue. (Side note: Melatonin will help with jet lag.)
  2. Drinking water before meals promotes weight loss. People who drank a pint of water 30 minutes or less prior to their major meals lost an average of 5.5 pounds in 12 weeks. (Another side note: Drinking during meals disrupts digestion.)
  3. Melatonin helps reduce fat. The hormone supplement, melatonin, produced by the pineal gland not only helps promote sleep but also helps to reduce fat storage. Add this to your program which should include flax seed oil, Doc Wellness Supplement and cinammon.
  4. High intensity exercise promotes appetite control. Repeated repetitions of intense exercise lasting 10-120 seconds, followed by rest are the prescription to control and reduce appetite and burn fat. As few as 3, 30 second intensives, three times per week can have an effect.

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