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5 Best and 5 Worst Foods To Eat At Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, here is a listing of foods that can make this holiday special and healthy OR its unfortunate opposite. Making just a few adjustments can be a major difference between  staying well and having to deal with colds, flu or other illnesses.



The Top 5

1. Brussels Sprouts

These greens offer a surprising amount of fiber which  will help with digestion of the Thanksgiving turkey. They’re also high in substances called glucosinolates, which have been shown to fight cancer, protect against DNA damage and clear the body of toxins.

2. Collard Greens

Loaded with Vitamins A, C, and K, Collards also contain trace minerals such as manganese and folate. Low on iron? This is the substance for you.

3. Sweet Potatoes

It will help with your eyes, skin and overall muscle health. They are also a tasty source of antioxidant, beta carotene which protects against inflammation and cancer.

4. Turkey Breast

It is not Thanksgiving without it. Aside from being a health protein source, turkey contains  tryptophan which is a precursor to the mood-elevating neurotransmitter, serotonin.

5. Green Beans

Another tasty choice which contains the  cancer-fighting antioxidants and vitamin  C.  Green beans will also aid in digestion due to its high fiber content.


On the Flip Side, these are the substances that should be eliminated or at least kept at a minimum:


  1. Stuffing. The short and sweet of it — high in fat and low in nutrition.
  2. Mashed Potatoes. Mashed potatoes by themselves are not bad, but they are typically mixed with high calorie, high fat, and  butter, cream, and milk, the latter being the worst. Milk contributes to digestive issues and lowering of immunity.
  3. Pecan Pie.  First the good news, Pecans are high in 19 vitamins and a good source of healthy fats and fiber.  In pie form, they typically are 500 calories per slice and loaded with sugar.
  4. Canned Gravy. This substance is typically filled with additives and preservatives which make it one of the most unhealthy substances around. When it doubt, at least go homemade.
  5. Anything consumed in excess or when unhappy. Take the healthiest substance and consume three times as much as normal OR consume it to mask depression or anger and you have the makings of a recipe for disastrous health. Eat and enjoy, but do so with mindful awareness. This will ensure a wonderful day and health throughout the holiday season.

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