5 Easy Way to Lose 10 Pounds

You have the class reunion coming up. Maybe a new relationship is something you now want. Maybe you have 100 pounds and need to start somewhere. Maybe it does not matter. You just want to lose 10 pounds.

With the ever increasing problem of obesity world-wide, there are many reasons why it is so important to lose weight. You already know many, if not all of the reasons such as:

  • reduce inflammation
  • easy the discomfort and pressure on the skeletal system
  • reduce cholesterol and triglycerides
  • feel better in general and so many more. . . . .

You have read these. Now, read how to go about dropping 10 pounds safely and quickly.

1. Track what you eat. Write it down. Take a picture of each meal. Anything to document every morsel of food you are consuming. When a person does this, they will have a tendency to  either (a) eat less and in a more healthy fashion AND (b) become aware of the patterns that are causing the problem(s).

2. Exercise or Move at least 60 minutes. Yes, some hate the word exercise, as it conjures images of pain and displeasure. The reason is that your definition of exercise is too restrictive.

Exercise does not mean gym membership, unless of course you like this. Exercise does not meaning running a marathon, unless of course, you like this. Starting to see a pattern? The phrase that is the key is “you like this.” There are hundreds if not thousands of activities. Guaranteed there are some that you like and a few that you love. Pick one. Pick 4. The number does not matter, only that you are doing it. Be active with something you love. You will be exercising your body as well as your Hearts – both the physical heart and the emotional one.

3. Focus more on protein. Stop trying to stop; that is, do not place the focus on what NOT to eat. Ex/ “I know I have to avoid bread.” “I know cookies are not good for you.”

Place your attention on what your body is desiring to be healthy. Start with protein. Eat at least a palm-sized protein portion. Add some greens and then consume what you wish. If you do this, there is a very good chance that you will not want to consume anything afterwards.

4. Focus on a Passion. Fill in the blank. “I always wanted to do (a) _________.”

What are the topics that come to mind? A triathlon? Yoga? Archery? Again, the key is finding something that lights the internal  flames of passion. For many people, over-eating or eating too much juke is a symptom of boredom. Erase the boredom and insert burning passion for ______, and watch the weight fall off!

5. Counter-attack. In boxing and martial arts, there is a phrase: “The fight is one before it begins.”

You know the 3 or 4 or 6 different triggers that caused you to fall off your mission in the past. It may have been a tough day at work. Or an unexpected bill. A bout of depression or a case of the blues.

Write them out before hand. Once you have them, prepare a “counter strategy” for dealing with them BEFORE they occur. For example, Bach Remedies are a simple, inexpensive ways for dealing with feeling low. The herb Bupleurum is great for dealing with anger issues.

For me, when I feel like I am falling “off the wagon” so to speak, I go for a long run. Being in nature and getting tired allows me to find that peace that is temporarily tucked away behind the mask of frustration or depression etc.

These are 5 simple and effective ways that will work in any situation. They are not meant to just be read. They are meant to be applied.

Take action. Print this out. Share it with a friend. Work together as a team (Method #6) and use the power of a group to rebuild your physique.

Dr. David Orman is the creator of the powerful anti-aging and weight reducing formula, Doc Wellness Supplement, found at www.hghplus.net. He has lectured to Congress, been featured in the Washingtonian Magazine and had one of the largest Natural Medicine practices in S. FL.

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