5 Steps to Achieve Anything in 2016

This is the year. No more wanting, wishing or hoping. It is the year of doing, achieving and basking in the glow of your achievements. You can feel it. I can feel it. Now, let’s start today, now on our way to making 2016 the greatest year of our lives. Here is how:



  1. Strengthen the Will by taking this substance – Polygala Root. Polygala is a root that strengthens the Kidney energy, the energy associated with Will or Willpower. Once this energy is strengthened, the mind becomes focused and the Spirit becomes calm. This combination becomes akin to an “unstoppable force.”
  2. Determine what you want. . . and then step it up at least 3 notches. Most people fail because their dreams are too small. Small dreams do not have much attraction. They do not have much “pull.” Whatever you wrote down, throw it away and start fresh with a bigger mindset. Open your heart and let your imagination run like a wild horse. THOSE are the dreams that have power. THOSE are the ones that will get you moving when everyone else stops.
  3. Befriend discomfort. Whatever you want, you want it because it means something to you and it will take energy and effort to achieve it. It may be challenging. It may be difficult. It will pull you out of the comfort zone. So what. Do it anyway. Anything worth achieving is going to be uncomfortable. Accept it and keep moving forward.
  4. Remind yourself of the two “P’s” – patience and productivity. Be patient. Take your time but continue to move forward in a productive manner. Don’t just do something to say you are doing something. Have a purpose. Have a mission. Make 2016 the year you never waste a minute.
  5. Give to others. At least part of life is about others. If you are living for you only, you are living only half a life. Give when you can. Give when it is uncomfortable. Give, as it will eventually find its way back to you.

This is the first and last time you have this year, 2016, to mold it the way you wish. Follow the steps and create the life you have always wanted!

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