8 Powerful Fat Loss Methods for Building a New You in 2015

People are always looking for ways of cutting excess fat and starting a New Year off on the right foot. Here are 8 powerful ways of doing just that.

Don’t try to incorporate all at once. Work one a week or one a month into your program. If you do this and stick to your word, the YOU in January will look nothing like the YOU in December!

  • To burn fat not muscle, do cardio first thing. 15 min prior to breakfast. Kettle bell swing is probably the very best. After this OR (not both) your AM workout, have toast with jelly and peanut butter. This spike will go a long way to adding muscle/burning fat.
  • Think rowing more than bike or treadmill. Rowing ON ONE LEG then switch is a great upper and lower body workout.
  • If a treadmill is the only option,  be sure to set the incline on at least 4%. . Interesting research found runners who use a gradient had higher markers for muscle growth and fat burning than those running on flat surfaces. If you are an outdoor person, consider hill training .
  • Run Tabatas. They are as follows:  run for 20 seconds as if a pit bull is chasing you / recover for 10. This is one set. Start with 2 and work your way up. DO NO MORE THAN 2x/wk.
  • Increase the resistance on a stationary bike and get pedaling until it feels like you’re cycling through mud. Again, don’t do all of these of course. Mix them up. Look for 3x/wk as the hi and the lo.
  • Cut the break time in between set to 60sec max during weight sessions sneaks in some cardio and spikes growth hormone too. Take Doc Wellness Supplement before and 2 g of glutamine afterwards.
  • “Low blood sugar after exercise causes muscle mass reduction. Eat something protein based post training.reveal the muscle underneath.
  • Here is the strange one: Run backwards. Yes, you look a bit strange but it will burn fat, improve endurance and build the muscle in the legs.

Commitment to anything is the key. You are worth it. Commit to you.

Now you know how.

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