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I posted a question on Facebook this past week which read: “If you were to ask me one question, what would it be?” A number of people posted questions and as such, this blog is dedicated to their answers.

And as an aside, thank you for taking the time to respond. I appreciated this.


Here we go with the Q & A:

Q:  How has martial arts had an effect on life outside of martial arts?

A: When I was training in Aikido, I went to the summer week-long intensive in Colorado in 2003. One of the head presenters was Hiroski Ikeda Sensei. Aside from being an extremely likable individual, Ikeda sensei was one of the most talented martial artists I have ever seen in any art. One afternoon, Ikeda sensei was working behind a coffee stand that was set up. He was passing out lattes and espressos, with a couple of other people. Unlike everyone else, he would always remain balanced and centered when handing out the coffee. Always breathing properly and maintaining perfect timing and distance as well. His space at the end of the day was spotless. Not a drop of coffee spilled. No one else could say this, or even come close.

It hit me that Ikeda sensei never stops practicing aikido, regardless if he is on the mats or not. Although I learned a ton of aikido techniques and improved my skills with the bokken and other weapons, this by far was the most powerful lesson I learned. As such, from that time onward, I made a commitment to practice martial arts 24 hours a day for the rest of my life.

So whether I am negotiating with distributors, speaking with my beautiful wife, trimming the shrubs or driving to class, I try my best to practice martial arts principles — de-ai (timing), ma-ai (distance), patience, maintaining structure, balanced movement, breathing etc.

Once this commitment was made, there was no life outside of martial arts. Life itself becomes a martial arts practice.


Q: I have breakouts on my face and have tried everything what to do?

A: Acne is considered an issue related to the liver and to the blood. In Chinese medicine, it is viewed as “fire toxins” in the blood. As such, when one purifies the blood and purifies and strengthens the liver, such issues will resolve.

Consider the following:

  • Burdock Root. A strong blood purifier which will also serve as a mild detoxifier for the liver.
  • Spanish Black Radish. Also a blood purifier, it will remove causitive agents from the blood and entire system.
  • Adding Lact Enz which is healthy bacteria for the gut will also be a major help.
Drink more water and add a lot of lemon to water, foods etc. I would anticipate a major improvement in 6 weeks.
Q: What first attracted you to studying martial arts?
A: Baseball. I was playing baseball in college and wanted to find a way to strength my legs and improve my flexibility.  Next to the college was a Karate dojo operated by Gary Michak sensei. I walked in one day, was very impressed with Gary sensei and decided I would take a couple of classes just to see.
I would add this to the “little did I know” category. 25+ years later, I would say that was a really good idea!
Q: What is the one piece of advice that you would give for anyone to keep optimum health?
A: Follow your passion.
I have treated literally thousands of patients over the years from all walks of life — males, females, young and one who was 91. Rich (I treated 2 billionaires) and poor and everywhere in between. Americans, people from Europe, Spanish-speaking countries and a lot of others.  In my opinion, the number One and Two causes of disease are:
1. Regret
2. Boredom
If you are wanting to swim the sharks or learn German or do archery or fill in the blank. . . .DO IT! Live your passion. If you fail, so what. You may (or may not) feel badly for a bit but I guarantee you, you will bounce back from it. Regret is a different story. John Whittier said it very well — “For of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these: ”It might have been!”
Boredom is Regret’s second cousin. Boredom is a desire for desire. A desire for the missing spark in one’s life. It is there. Everyone has their spark. Not everyone allows it to turn into a blazing inferno.
Q: What would be the question you would like that God or us will be asking you?
A: Wow! That is a handful.
I would imagine God would ask me a two-part question: “What would you like and how can we make it happen for you?” My thoughts are that God loves us more than we could ever imagine. What we want, God wants for us. If we allow the Energy to flow and take inspired action, our life becomes a heaven on earth.
I think God experiences through us and expands through our experiences. As such, our desires are God’s desires and vice versa. I view our relationship as a team effort. What a great “team-mate” to have!
What would I like you to ask me?  
I would like you to ask me ways that I could be of assistance in improving your life. What are the issues or concerns or problems that you may be experiencing that I could possible help with? That would be my wish.
Q: What does it feel like to brilliant?
A: There was a famous mythical tale that I will paraphrase here.
The gods were hanging around Mt. Olympus one day, having a Starbucks venti mocha one or something one day. They were preparing to bestow tremendous gifts upon humans but could not decide where to hide them. One god suggested putting them on the highest mountain peaks. One suggested in the deepest oceans. Another said a cave.
Finally one thought of the perfect answer, “We will hide it inside of human beings themselves. They will never look there.”
Brilliance is in you and me and everyone walking the planet. The only question is whether or not we have the willingness to look inside ourselves and the courage to share it with the world.
Q: You put a lot of emphasis on doing things that are active.  I am not motivated like you. What can I do?
A: There was a store near where I live that I ran by one day. Outside the store, there was a tiger in a cage. One guy next to me thought it was great that the owner did this. Personally, I thought the owner should be in prison.
About 6 months ago, I saw a show about a gentleman who rehabilitates injured tigers and releases them back into the wild. I ended up befriending John Waganaar, better known as “Tiger Man.” He takes care of the injured or abandoned tigers and sends them into the wild when possible. It was very inspiring to watch.
I believe we have a metaphorical tiger inside our hearts. Some of us release the tiger into the wild through art or music or in my case, marathons and martial arts (and a few others).
Ever meet someone who is continually angry or depressed? They are continually surrounded by a black cloud, not happy unless they are miserable. These are the people who have their tiger in a cage. These magnificent creatures are powerful and strong. Like everyone and everything else, they are meant to be free, free to roam and be a tiger.
Find your vehicle to release your tiger into the wild. Keep searching until you find it. It already exists. Treat your life as an experience and keep searching until you find it! Relentlessness will be rewarded.
Q: How do you prepare for such long races ie goofy?
A: Prepare like you would for a marathon, but with a couple of additions. Firstly add about 4 or 5 doubles; that is, run back-to-back training days. Run 10 miles on a Saturday and follow it with a 5 on Sunday. At least once, do a 10 miler/20 miler back-to-back.
Also rest more than usual and the week before, eat more than usual. Your diet must be clean too. You will be exerting a ton of energy. Remember it is 39.3 miles in a 24 hour period.
Q: What kind of test you conducted on Hgh Plus to ensure it provide results?
A: If you go to our site at, you will see a tab “CLINICAL TRIALS.” Here you will see our trial results that were done on the product. The results were excellent and have been duplicated in a hospital in Korea as well. We are one of the very few company that have both clinical trials and safety data on our product.
Also, we have been in business now, 13 (soon to be 14) years. Results produce longevity!
Q: When you coming back to Eustis or Mount Dora?
A: My friend Chrys and I worked together during a tough period in California in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Our work environment was. . . .shall we say. . . .less than ideal. We both managed to come out of this stronger and with a deep appreciation for the ability to create circumstances in our lives that are much more upbeat, positive and happy. We also came out of this with a friendship.
My promise to you is both Lisa and I will see you over the holidays! Looking forward to it.

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