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Are Carbonated Beverages Safe?

drink-167080_640Bubbly drinks are very popular, be it soda or waters such as Perrier. Quite simply, they taste good and are a change of pace, a break in the usual. But are they healthy? Are they worth it?
The short answer is. . . . no. There are 2 major reasons for this. For starters, they are an indirect contributor to weight gain. While the fizziness of carbonated drinks is not a direct contributor to weight gain, once you factor in the unhealthy amounts of sugar that carbonated sodas contain, adding unwanted pounds can most definitely be a side effect of consuming carbonated drinks.
Secondly and probably more importantly, they leech minerals from the teeth and the bones.
Take a look at the 2 front teeth of a person who drinks a lot of carbonated beverages and you will notice that they are somewhat “clear,” particularly on the bottom. Carbonated drinks will pull primarily calcium and magnesium from the teeth and the system in general. Over time, this weakens the teeth and the skeletal system. In addition, it lowers the Kidney energy.
There are so many healthier, safer and just as tasty alternatives. Start to look at those and make some better choices.

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