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Is Your Home a Source of Stress?

For many people, home sweet home is just that – sweet. It is a place of solitude, safety, and serenity. Regardless of size or location, having a home is one of the best feelings in the world.

Not for everyone, however. For some, it is a source of stress and tension. Here are 5 methods and a service that can turn your stressful place into a sanctuary.

  1. Microcosm/Macrocosm which means “As outside (literally), so inside.” In other words, add flowers and plants to the inside. Green up the inside. Adding color provides a burst of energy to the heart which elevates the Spirit.
  2. Consider repainting. If not the whole house, add a room or 2 and splash some color into the mix. Greens and blues will create a sensation of calmness while yellow will again, perk up your Spirits. Too much white or variations on white are simply bland and add to the feeling of blandness.
  3. Aromatherapy. Essential oil is considered the “blood” of the herbs. You receive a similar effect via the olfactory (smell) sensations as you would if you drank the herbs. Lemon and lavender are 2 of the best so consider a diffuser or at least, place a drop or 2 on a light bulb.
  4. Remove clutter. There is an old therapy for the liver which is as simple as can be — clean your room(s). The liver, the organ responsible for the emotions of anger, frustration and depression, loves organization. Clutter will contribute to the feeling of 1 or so combination of those 3 emotions.
  5. Feature value. In other words, put a spotlight on something that means something to you. It may or may not have monetary value but it most certainly has sentimental value. Make it the centerpiece of a room, one which you frequent the most. See it. Feel it. Even if you are not looking directly at it, your eyes will glance across it and your other-than-conscious mind will register it.

Lastly, consider a Home Diagnosis. Some people can read body language and come to accurate conclusions. Doctors can read an x-ray and determine what is wrong. Due to my specialized training, I am able to analyze a few of the rooms in your home via pictures and get a clear and accurate vision of what is happening with your health, relationships and your life in general. I can analyze and correct the imbalances, giving deep insight into what works and what does not and the adjustments needed. This service has been described as “life changing.”

3 Ways to Deal with Seasonal Allergies

It is a beautiful summer day, not a cloud in the sky. The birds are having a grand time as are the assortment of squirrels and other creatures. All of them, except you. You are inside, nose swollen, eyes tearing and sneezing up a storm. Welcome to seasonal allergies.

Allergies affect some 39% of the population but this number is higher in certain areas, Florida being one of them.

There is good news. There are a number of things beyond the usual advice of “take locally grown honey” that can help with this issue. Here are 3:

  1. Acupuncture. It can be remarkably effective for relieving many respiratory and lung related issues. One method called NAET can clear many allergies for extended periods of time. Some permanently.
  2. Steam/Vaporizer. Inhaling steam via shower or vaporizer with a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil can act as a natural decongestant. It also helps to strengthen the lungs and respiratory system.
  3. Saline flushes. Flushing the sinuses with a saline (sea salt) mixture can clear the infections that contribute to allergies and sinus congestion. It is also a remarkable prevention.

As an additional treatment, consider the use of the herb Butterbur. I have used this with many patients and in my opinion, it is the most effective for both treatment and prevention of allergies.

5 Powerful Ways to Reduce or Eliminate Anxiety

anxiety, anxiety attacksFew feelings are worse than anxiety. It is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. It is estimated that 18% of the population is deeply affected so much so that their career and/or relationship(s) are on the edge.

Natural medicine views anxiety as either a weakness of the Kidney energy and/or the Heart energy. When addressed via nutrition (particularly proper herbs), acupuncture/acupressure point therapy or other hands on methods, the feelings of anxiety can be dramatically reduced or eliminated.

Though the only true way to address your anxiety is to get personalized treatments, here are some “broad stroke” methods that have been shown to be rather effective. Please note that the Virtual Doc Wellness visit is the ideal way to address YOUR specific need. Click here to order now.

5 General Methods to Alleviate Anxiety

  1. L-theanine is an amino acid found in tea – green, black, and white teas, and has a direct calming, soothing effect on the heart. When taken after working or mental tasks, it is has been shown to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and overall stress.
  2. When levels of omega-3 fatty acids are low, social anxiety is a common reaction. One becomes as the mercy of their own chemistry at this point. 2.5 grams of Fish Oil per day reduced anxiety symptoms as well as providing many other health and wellness benefits. Side note: Adding 3g of Omega 3 to those dealing with substance abuse reduced anxiety and cravings for (abused) substance. Worth a shot.
  3. Adding probiotics and FOS (a sugar that allows for the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut) is an excellent way to reduce anxiety. Virtually all of the patients that I have seen over the years who struggled with anxiety also had gut related problems. Adding this reduced anxiety typically 75% or more.
  4. Ashwagandha is an herb known as “the Indian Ginseng.” it is an adaptogenic which means that it literally adapts to what the body needs. It is exceptional for reducing chronic stress, a major contributor to anxiety. It is also known to stabilize mood via strengthening the heart.
  5. Probably should have started with this one. Exercise results in chronic anti-inflammatory effects in the brain and overall immune boosting. Inflammation throughout the body contributes to anxiety, exercise neutralized this and allow for the release of brain chemicals which allow you to feel great.

Anxiety is by no means a permanent state. Take action. You have suffered enough already.

Most Interesting Study to Improve Life

It just might be the most interesting results from any study I have ever read. Big statement isn’t it?!

The short and sweet of it is this. There was a group that was initially tested for visual acuity; that is, they were examined to determine how well their vision was. Results were gathered and noted.

A while later, they were asked to dress in the outfit an airplane pilot would normally wear. Once dressed, they were retested for vision. Results?

Same group. Same test. 20% improvement!

This seems illogical but the results were confirmed. It also opens up a whole area for debate and more so, for practical application. What if we began asking specific questions and applying said information. For example:

  • How do healthy people dress?
  • How do abundant people dress?
  • What do happy people do differently? Where do they go?

The numbers of questions are endless and the potential results could certainly be life-altering.

Experiment. Reinvent the way you approach life, health, finances, career etc. Take changes to look, talk, train, eat etc., in a different fashion.

Email me your results. I too am taking this challenge on and will post results every 30 days.

Treat your life as an experiment!

SIGN UP HERE to keep up with the results, as well as additional health improving, life improving news!

3 Power Pick-Me-Up Herbs

The ideal way to identify the causes of low energy is to seek treatment from a health practitioner who will treat you in an individualized, personalized and detailed fashion. In other words, you need you to get to the root cause of the problem and treat it based upon YOUR chemistry.

Having said that, there are times when you need help and you need it now. You have a ton of work and your energy levels are just so low. Time will not permit a visit (and only now did you remember that you can order the Doc Wellness Virtual Visit HERE).

Here are 3 substances which are safe and quite effective as a natural energy tonic:

  1. Ashwagandha. This Indian herb is used in Ayurvedic medicine, where it is valued as a general tonic and adaptogen.  It is considered the “Indian Ginseng” and is excellent for improving the health of the heart, adrenals, and brain.
  2. Eleuthero. More commonly known as Siberian ginseng-eleuthero is useful for clearing feelings of exhaustion, fatigue from heavy workloads and a general lack of energy. It does not have the spiritual components of Ren Shen but is very effective for the physical aspects.
  3. Reishi. A woody mushroom, it recommended in traditional Chinese medicine for increasing immunity and strong anti-aging components. Additionally, due to its effect on the Kidney energy, it is an energy tonic that is safe and strong.
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