3 Easy and Powerful Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Spring is near and summer is just around the corner. With these seasons comes the great desire to lose weight and get in the best shape possible. In the past, you may have tried various diets with mixed results. Think about it though, you know diets don't work. Why? They are often very restrictive and [...]

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Why Retail Will Never Die

There is no question that retail has taken a huge hit since the popularity of the Internet. Some people say it is on life-support. Others say it is already dead. It may be a "minority" now, but in my opinion, retail will never die. Here is why. This afternoon, my wife Lisa and I took [...]

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Why So Much Mistrust and Anger

In the past several years, there has been a mounting ocean of anger, frustration, and overall mistrust. People are irritated about . . . .well. . . .name the topic and you will find someone, somewhere, furious about something. It is akin to an "emotional virus." From politics to economics to entertainment, the past several [...]

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Top 3 Foods to Stabilize Blood Sugar

Keeping the blood sugar in a healthy range is one of the major keys for overall health and wellness and THE key for losing weight. Due to the overconsumption of processed foods and sugar, along with a lack of exercise, blood sugar problems have increased to disturbing levels. Here are the top 3 foods that when [...]

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Spicy Your Life and Lower Your BP

  Problem with high blood pressure? If you are wanting to lower your BP the natural and safe way, add some spice to your food. The key ingredient in spicy foods is called Capsaicin and this is the substance that helps to lower blood pressure. Research has shown that eating spicy foods on a regular [...]

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