5-6 Meals Per Day? Think Again.

It seems like an idea gets started and without much proof, gets repeated. And repeated. And repeated. The "eat 5-6 small meals per day which will stimulate the metabolism" is one such myth. There have been a number of  studies recently published that compared people eating  5-6 small meals throughout the day versus people eating the [...]

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Do Appetite Suppressants Work?

When you choose a formula or a product to help you burn fat and lose weight, do not worry so much about “spiking” the metabolism. It is just hype. Current (and past) research shows that products that are heavily loaded with stimulants do not work. They have very little effect on fat loss whatsoever. In [...]

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Rest Days?

Conventional "wisdom" says that you should only train a few times a week and never back-to-back days. The famous phrase is "Go hard and then go home." Science is finally catching up with the true wisdom known by farmers and laborers from decades past. The British Heart Foundation recently published an article saying that daily [...]

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Battle of the Snacks: Which One Wins?

Fruit or nuts? The "battle of which one is more healthy continues. I am being facetious of course but there is a debate which one is healthier and should be consumed more than the other. Here are the pros and cons, followed by guidelines. PROs and CONs Fruits Blueberries have a low GI index but [...]

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This Mineral Moves Fat from Fat Cells

If I asked you to list 10 or 20 . . . . or 50 of the top fat-reducing substances, it is highly unlikely that THIS one would have been included. Truth be told, if you asked me to include the top 50 fat-reducing substances, I would not have included this one. It helps the [...]

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