The Doc Wellness Way to Detox Your Major Organs: Part 1

Let us begin with the organ that is responsible for over 300 known functions. It is also the organ associated with 2 types of vision: "I can easily read that sign" type of vision. "I finally can SEE options in my life." A type of inner vision. This organ also deals with the emotions of [...]

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5 Signs You Are Deficient in This Vitamin

Over the years, Vitamin D has become regarded as one of the most valued substances in the body. More and more research is showing that the body needs this vitamin for a variety of physiological functions. Here are 5 symptoms that, if you are experiencing at least 4, are most likely indicators that you are [...]

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4 (Healthy) Foods Which Can Harm Your Teeth

Teeth are considered an "outgrowth" of the kidney energy. Keep the kidneys strong and the teeth will be strong also. Additionally, certain food - even though they are considered healthy - can damage teeth if you do not take care to brush frequently and floss. They are as follows: Dried Fruit:  Examples include mangos, raisins, [...]

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Want to Know When? Intro to Chronobiology

You have heard the phrase, "Timing is everything." Little did you know how accurate this cliche applies to health. A "new" science is emerging which takes into account your unique chemistry and how timing applies to it. I use the word "new" in quotes because it has its roots in Chinese medicine, a 3000-5000 year [...]

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Pregnancy and Why You Need to Avoid this Common Substance

Are you pregnant? Looking to raise the healthiest baby possible? Here is something you may wish to consider. Pregnant women who have a diet that is high in fructose may be laying the foundation for high blood pressure and obesity relating to their babies, later on in life. This is the conclusion drawn from researchers [...]

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