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Blessings for Valuing Time

We lost an hour today due to the outdated mode of daylight savings. This was effective when we were an agrarian society but has been unnecessary for several decades. And counting.

Before you get a tad out of shape about this, ponder the question of how you are living your life and are you maximizing the time you have.

Do you waste time watching TV? I do not mean moments that you truly enjoy or shows that bring happiness. Or simply the need to relax and wind down. I mean the time-burning moments.

How much time do you waste worrying about things that never come to fruition?

How about getting into needless arguments with your friends, family or yourself?

What did you do today? “Nothing.” Ever say this? And LITERALLY mean it.

It is not so much that an hour was “taken” away today. The bigger question is this: How many hours and hours are you giving away?

From this second forward, make a commitment to value the most precious gift life has to offer – time. It is the only thing in life that is finite. Use it wisely.

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