Given that we are in the middle of (political) debate season, where is actually a debate worth participating in. Which is healthier? White or brown rice?

Grains, particularly wheat continue to be a part of the American diet and unfortunately, the glycemic load of processed wheat is one of 2 major factors in today’s obesity problems. As you may have noted, I am not a fan of grain. Small amounts are fine but it should not be a major staple.

Diets that include rice are one of the exceptions. Rice has medicinal/health value and has been used for treatments over many centuries.

Back to our debate. . . . . And the winner is:

The health benefits of unpolished, brown rice are much greater versus those of white rice Brown rice has more fiber, iron, B vitamins and other nutrients.

HOWEVER, for people who have digestive issues such as any type of inflammation or hemorrhoids, the fiber in brown rice may irritation the condition.

Choose wisely based on you, your situation and your needs.