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3 Effective Tinnitis Treatment

It rings and rings and unlike the phone, will not stop if you answer it. This is the way of the tinnitus suffer. A 2014 report published in the journal Frontiers in Neurology states, “Tinnitus is one of the most common somatic symptoms to affect humanity.” 50 million members of humanity, according to recent reports.

The causes are many and range from “natural” aging (I strongly disagree with this concept) to repeated inner ear infections to blood pressure issues.

Several years ago, I was involved in a study involving the use of acupuncture as a treatment for reducing the symptoms associated with tinnitus. The results and coupled research were very useful.


There are several treatments which can assist the individual suffering from tinnitus.

  1. Chiropractic adjustment. When the cervical area (neck) is misaligned, it can create issues relating to tinnitus. This can be easily correct with a series of adjustments OR the use of Vitamin E.
  2. Acupuncture. As noted above, this method is even more effective versus chiropractic. It involves a technique called threading which is painless. Areas on the scalp are stimulated which then affects areas of the brain associated with hearing.
  3. Ginkgo. This well-known herb is known as the “memory herb” for its effect on the ability to improve recall. It also is very effective for various types of tinnitus cases too. Safe. Inexpensive.

Is Incense Dangerous? You Might Be Surprised

Most people have grabbed a stick of incense and lit it at some point. The fragrance is pleasant and the shift in energy that it causes is palpable.

Here is a question few of us have pondered. Is it safe?

The knee-jerk reaction is “Of course. . . ” but upon further review, the answers may surprise you.


1. It creates inflammation/irritation in your lungs. 

Burning incense can irritate your lungs due to the fact that the smoke contains chemicals like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and formaldehyde.

Keep in mind too that those of us who have pets like dogs and birds, our friends are being exposed to that as well.


2. Incense smoke may be more dangerous than . . .brace for it. . . . .  cigarette smoke. 

The smoke via incense can cause respiratory issues and produce more “pollutants in the air” versus a cigarette. Cigarettes have 10mg/g. Incense, 45mg/g. .

3. It increases the risk of the C Word.

A study of more than 61,000 women found that incense use was associated with a significantly higher risk of upper respiratory-based cancers.

Another study noted that it “strengthens lung cancer malignancy, promoting activity in tumor cells, helping it get stronger.” 

Not very promising is it!?

Now for the good news. There are a lot of healthy, safe alternatives. At the top of the list are Essential Oils. These are considered the “blood” of the herbs and contain the same medicinal qualities as the herbs themselves. Used properly, they provide many health benefits.

Following just behind are the Himalayan Salt Lamps. They have a calming effect on the system and can provide health benefits for the lungs and respiratory system.

A few others are on the list as well.

Bottom line: Seek one of these healthy options vs. incense.

Top 3 Foods To Clear Inflammation

Inflammation isn’t A problem. It is typically THE problem, from premature aging to illnesses of all sorts.

The good news is that when you clear inflammation, you improve overall health, even in areas that you may not be focused upon.

There are a number of substances that help. Here are the 3 best.

  1. Berries of any sort. They are inexpensive, tasty and incredibly healthy. They are probably the best of all known substances for clearing inflammation. For example, a study at Ohio State noted that black raspberries reduce the incidence of  cancers by half.
  2. Fish, particularly Black cod. It has more healthy fats than even salmon. It is tasty, easy to find and is the top of the line anti-inflammatory fish.
  3. Ginger and the “3 Christmas Herbs.”  This was the featured lesson of this week in Dr. Orman’s Wellness School in which I go into great detail about ginger and the other substances. Ginger is a strong anti-inflammatory substance which is also great for digestive issues and improving the spirits.

3 Strong Ways to Reduce Risk of Breast CA

According to the American Cancer Society, every 3 minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. Statistics, true or otherwise aside, there are 3 powerful ways to improve your overall health and wellness, and thus reduce risks.

  1. Get moving. Ever notice the simplest advice is always the most effective. A ton of research has shown that 30 minutes a day significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer. I am sure this recommendation also applies to other diseases too.
  2. Limit xenoestrogens exposure. These are the chemicals with hormonal-like activity which are found in pesticides. They are also found in meat, poultry and dairy products. Here is the big one – reduce or eliminate exposure to plastics,  especially water and food cooked in plastic containers. Be sure to check your skin lotions and other creams too.
  3. Avoid radiation as in X-rays and CT scans.   Keep at a bare minimum and be sure you are as protected as possible, especially young people.
  4. And one more for good measure. Add more tomato (skin) into your diet. They contain substances which are pinpoint specific for keeping the breast tissue healthy.

3 Power Pick-Me-Up Herbs

The ideal way to identify the causes of low energy is to seek treatment from a health practitioner who will treat you in an individualized, personalized and detailed fashion. In other words, you need you to get to the root cause of the problem and treat it based upon YOUR chemistry.

Having said that, there are times when you need help and you need it now. You have a ton of work and your energy levels are just so low. Time will not permit a visit (and only now did you remember that you can order the Doc Wellness Virtual Visit HERE).

Here are 3 substances which are safe and quite effective as a natural energy tonic:

  1. Ashwagandha. This Indian herb is used in Ayurvedic medicine, where it is valued as a general tonic and adaptogen.  It is considered the “Indian Ginseng” and is excellent for improving the health of the heart, adrenals, and brain.
  2. Eleuthero. More commonly known as Siberian ginseng-eleuthero is useful for clearing feelings of exhaustion, fatigue from heavy workloads and a general lack of energy. It does not have the spiritual components of Ren Shen but is very effective for the physical aspects.
  3. Reishi. A woody mushroom, it recommended in traditional Chinese medicine for increasing immunity and strong anti-aging components. Additionally, due to its effect on the Kidney energy, it is an energy tonic that is safe and strong.

Think Twice Before Grilling Outside This Summer

You finished the steak or the hamburger and now have the unenviable task of cleaning the grill. The neighbors are gone and junior is out with his buddies so time to roll up the sleeves.

You brush and scrub until all is right with the world, or at least the grill. But is it?

Doctors from the U of MO have published a study of what can occur if a wire bristle falls off, going into your food and then is consumed. The internal damage is rather pronounced, to say the least. A person who develops swallowing issue or continual pain post-grilling should seek medical attention immediately.

Better yet, avoid the issue altogether and go with a nylon brush. It is not quite as effective but is considerably safer.





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