Common Symptoms

Common Nutritional Deficiencies, Signs and Their Corrections

by Dr. David Orman


Sign or Symptom – Indicator


Dark circles around eyes – allergies; iron deficiency

Red scales on side of nose – Vitamin B12 deficiency

Dry skin in general – Lung weakness

Acne on forehead – Vitamin B6 deficiency or toxins

Bleeding Gums – Vitamin C deficiency; CoQ10 deficiency; Grinding of teeth

“Transparency” in teeth – Excess carbonation consumption; Calcium deficiency

Cancer sores – Flaxseed Oil deficiency

Soreness in legs – Magnesium deficiency

Sore tongue – Vitamin B deficiency

Weak nails – Zinc deficiency

Loss of Appetite – Zinc deficiency

Bloated stomach – Enzyme deficiency

Dental cavities – Overall mineral deficiency

Thirst, though a person drinks quite a bit – Trace mineral deficiency

Palpitations – Potassium deficiency

Excessive appetite – Yeast

Weak vision – Vitamin A deficiency





** For educational purposes only. These are general statements and not intended to treat, cure or diagnosis. 


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