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Authorized Distributorships Available

With the field of Anti Aging Medicine beginning to emerge and take a foothold in America and around the world, this is the ideal time to add Doc Wellness Supplement™ to your existing wellness business.

We have been a leader in the industry with the best selling anti aging formula, Doc Wellness Supplement™.

We would love to have you as part of our team!

Why Partner with Us?

Our passion for living a healthy lifestyle is not something we sell to others. It’s what we live.  Come and create a partnership with us that will assist you and your family in creating a healthier balanced, successful life.  We have customers in over 20 countries and have the highest ratings for product effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

When you Become an Authorized Distributor with us, the benefits are significant and include:

  • The opportunity to purchase a well known Anti Aging wellness formula. 
  • Low wholesale prices. 
  • Low minimum purchases.
  • Private labeling opportunity.
  • Security, knowing that each batch of Doc Wellness Supplement™ is tested for safety and effectiveness. To ensure your customers will be happy and healthy.
  • Complete access to the product’s developer, Dr. David Orman. He will address all of your needs, your customers’ needs and any health related questions you may have.
  • Complete access to all of our staff to assist you in questions about sales, marketing, customer service and any other questions you may have.

Paul Zane Pilzer wrote in his book, The Wellness Revolution. . . . 


“Wellness and anti-aging have grown into a $300 billion dollar industry.
The wellness industry will exceed $1 trillion dollars.”



Who are Our Partners?

We have a number of new and long time Authorized Distributors. From South Africa to Japan to sections of America, large, established companies, small innovative businesses and progressive individuals have become our partners. Regardless of size, we treat each with the utmost respect and address their unique needs.

  • IF you are outside of America, our extensive history of working with companies and individuals overseas allows us to tailor to your needs, whether it is about shipping, product information, private labeling or anything else you wish.
  • IF you are a Health Company looking to enter the Anti-Aging market or expand your inventory, we can meet your needs as well. We have worked with large Health Food chains as well as small Internet companies and everywhere in between.
  • IF you are an Individual wanting to start a new business or extend your current one, we are the ones for you. We have helped individuals and families with start up for Doc Wellness Supplement™ businesses or expand their current business. Small business owners have unique needs, ones that we can most certainly relate to.


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Thank you for your interest in our Doc Wellness Supplement™.
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