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Our Story

Our Story

david-and-lisa-oucWe both had very successful careers. My wife, Lisa was a professional singer and also did commercial and voice over work. She was in demand and making a comfortable living. I too was doing extremely well. I had the busiest practice in S. Florida for natural medicine, a popular radio show, monthly TV and many opportunities to open up second and third offices.

I had created an anti aging, wellness-promoting formula initially called Hgh Plus™  (now Doc Wellness supplement™). I thought it would be helpful to my patients. When asked my the owner of the clinic to provide a sales estimate, I thought 50 per month would be about right. After all, there were Health Stores on virtually every corner so it would be impossible to compete price wise with them.

50 a month quickly became 50 a week and it took off from there. Soon, I was getting requests from all over the state and then the East Coast to provide this formula. The results were just amazing and with a marketing budget of zero dollars, word of mouth was spreading like wild fire.

I mentioned to Lisa that I thought “this Internet thing will probably take off.” Little did I know. We then decided to take a huge risk — she would leave her work and I would close my practice to help share this formula all over. We were not really scared. We were terrified, truth be told.

I built a web site, though by the look of it, calling it a “web site” was rather kind. It was horrible looking but Doc Wellness supplement started to take off. Really take one.

One day, our life changed again. I received a scathing email from someone in Singapore who mentioned that the formula was spectacular but the web site was hideous. Regarding the former, we started hearing that a lot. Regarding the latter, they were being kind.

I revamped the site and within 2 years, we were in 20 countries. Doc Wellness supplement (formerly Hgh Plus) exploded and the great results from men and women continued to pour in. We bumped up our “marketing budget” to $9 per month and sales continued to soar and continues to do so now.

Recently, we launched, introducing new products and services that are complementary to Doc Wellness Supplement.

Overall, it has been a dream come true. We wish to thank all of our friends and supporters who have been with us and going strong!


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