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Dr. Orman's Online Wellness School

Here you will find easy to learn and apply, powerful information that will allow your health to soar!

Immerse yourself in the world of Natural Health. Learn from an expert about topics that will enhance your overall wellness. Feel better than you ever have with proven, easy to use methods, products and foods.

You have unlimited access to all of the video clips and written materials. Have questions? David will address them either via a personalized clip or in writing.
Engage in guided teachings and practices from acupuncture/acupressure, herbology,  and nutrition.

Weekly, you will have an opportunity to interact with your Instructor, Dr. David Orman. He will be happy to address your questions about the information provided.
Join a community of like-minded members who want the most out of life.


You can experience some of the most life altering effects using these methods, the same kind you experience with acupuncture, for example, but without any needles.

Learn mind, body and spirit methods such as:

  • 5 Elements.
  • Which fits your physique and personality and how this information dictates which foods to eat and exercises to perform.
  • Learn how to read food labels correctly.
  • Acupuncture point to open up special channels for unique experiences.
  • Special methods to lose fat and build muscle.
  • Learn to use herbs to increase energy, libido, reduce pain or even stimulate dreams.
  • Bonus material including mini-courses and deeply personal, inspirational clips for motivation, compassion and bringing out the best in you.[/two_third_last]

What I am sharing with You also involves healing at the deepest level. Part of this training will involve this type of core level, life-transforming healing. Genuine healing perhaps to a degree you have never encountered before. 

This information is what I have spent the bulk of my life learning and within these lessons will be the nuggets of gold that I have accumulated over the decades.  You can learn at your own pace and repeat the lesson(s) as many times as you wish.

Have questions? Not 100% sure of what you just learned? David will address your answers personally, doing so in an easy to understand and apply fashion.  Your health will change for the better. Your life will change for the better!