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My interest in health began at the age of 13 when I started playing baseball.  As a young person, I always had the “fire,” the drive to go forward and see what I can accomplish. One caveat however. I wanted to do it my way. I was not interested in following the crowd. Even then, I wore spikes and used a bat that no one else wore or used,  from a then  little-known Japanese company (Mizuno) because I thought they were the very best. And I liked being unique.

I went on to continue baseball through my undergraduate college days and exploring new and unique ways of living. In the process, I found how music can assist with memory, how specific foods can provide more energy and best of all, found martial arts. This was to be my life-long passion.

In between my first and second year of Graduate school, my world was shattered as my father very unexpectedly died. I was beyond inconsolable for a long time. Somehow, I not only managed to finish school but graduated with honors in the process. Of course, none of that meant anything at the time.

My first job was in the field of mental health, treating very ill people. I took the job out of desperation, still feeling lost over the death of my father. However, good often comes from anything if you are willing to look. I learned an enormous amount, not only about mental illnesses but about human nature in general. Here is where I began to really delve into the connection between nutrition and health.

During this time, I also started the Northeast PA Hypnosis Center as well as a private practice treating recovering individuals. Again, I gathered a mountain of information but was still rather lost.


It was time for a major change, so I moved to Northern Virginia for a short time, then off to San Diego to study acupuncture and herbal medicine. Though San Diego was not a fit living-wise, the information was. I devoured everything I could, and despite going to school on an accelerated plan, working full time and being the editor of the CA Acupuncture Association Journal and Board Member of the prestigious AAAOM, I found time to take extra classes. Some of them were natural fits like advanced nutrition and applied kinesiology. Others were odd like Feng Shui and I Ching. I loved most of them. DavidOrman1

At last, I was on track. . . one that would lead me to Home Sweet Home — Florida. I loved it from the very first second I came here. Fortunately, I had many offers from clinics to start a practice. I graduated Summa Cum Laude and had an impressive background  with additional skills. I chose a place called the Institute of Natural Medicine.

At the time, The Institute was on a bit of a downward slide. Though they were the first Wellness Facility in South Florida to offer new and innovative treatments, the competition soon caught up and eventually passed them. Despite this, I quickly had one of the largest practices in the area, along with a successful radio and TV shows. With my efforts leading the way,  were back in the leadership position, a place I have grown to appreciate and attract.  It was also at this time that I returned to my passion, martial arts.securedownload-6

I started in aikido, an art that I had never done. It was becoming not only an interesting life, but a happy one. During this time, I also created a formula called Hgh Plus™ which is now renamed Doc Wellness Supplement™. It has helped thousands and continues to work extremely well.

It also allowed me to move to a quiet area, Naples and begin a new phase of life. I closed my booming practice, along with the radio and TV and pursued the Internet/Doc Wellness Supplement™ business as well as my martial arts. Big, big risk, but something I was drawn to do.

Though beautiful, Naples did not offer enough activity-wise,  so my wife and I moved to the Orlando area. Business shot through the roof and I had the freedom to explore and expand. We offered new services via our websites ( and continue to expand on them to this day. In addition,  lecture, teach and write regularly.David-Orman

I also really dove deeply into my martial arts. I now have 2 schools called Central Florida Systema  featuring a Russian martial art, which is a huge success. I run a marathon a year, and am learning the Russian language. My Tai Chi has come to the forefront of my life as well.

I am now at a phase of my life where I really want to give back and have an impact on as many people as possible. I want to help others and make a difference not in the whole world, but in the world that I live in.

This is who I am.

My sincere hope is that you read something here that struck a chord in you.

Dr. David Orman


With my beautiful wife, Lisa after one of our completed marathons.


David Orman, her husband, developed the formula Hgh Plus™  now known as Doc Wellness supplement™  and together they have created a success story.

Financial and personal success are just some of the rewards that came from taking on such early careers as a professional vocalist, actor, public speaker and voice over artist.   Careers that are generally looked upon as risky, financially unrewarding or “impossible,”  she found herself continually pushing the boundaries of those industries, taking them to new levels of success for herself and others.

As an accomplished artist and athlete, Lisa has taken on the physical challenges of competitive figure skating and running events, from 10K distance to marathons.   Her music has now evolved into guitar studies and song writing for self expression and creativity. The mental and physical discipline honed through hours of practice, training and event participation have become assets that cross over to all areas of her life.

She has a deep desire to spread her enthusiasm, passion and dedication to alternative medicine and health, and living an active wellness lifestyle with everyone that crosses her path.

For more about Lisa and her ventures with music and art, go to


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