I rarely get injured despite being a very active person. A few weeks ago during Sword training, I injured my neck and shoulder area.

This really bothers me not because of the discomfort but because it takes time away from my training. I truly love training in Toyama Ryu Batto Jutsu sword. It is very challenging, exciting and is a tool for self-exploration.

Fortunately, there are ways of dealing with neck and shoulder (and joint pain in general).

1. Joint Mobilization. There are a number of ways of doing this. Chiropractic is the obvious but in my online school, I go into a great deal of explanation and teach how to do a number of adjustments at home. They are based on the ancient method of Tui Na.

I cover neck, spine, hip, ankle and others in unique, simple and easy to do methods.

I also cover quite a bit of acupuncture points, one of which I will share now for relief of neck pain.

a. Make a fist.

b. As you look at the palm, you will notice a small “extension” of skin that folds below and in front of the knuckle associated with the pinkie. This is a small intestine point. Rub it with some force for a few minutes and most neck pain will be alleviated.

2. Calm. This is a power form of Magnesium. Drink it at night and not only will it alleviate joint pain but it will help provide a very peaceful sleep.

3. Enzymes. My favorite is either Papaya or Wobenzyme-N. Both clear inflammation and help the body restore the integrity of the joint itself. The latter is more powerful but more expensive.

The combination of the above will go a long way in helping the body heal itself, alleviating pain and getting back to sword class (or whatever gets you passionate)!!!