How Carbonation Affects the Body

You pop open a Coke and hear that familiar sound. A few sips into the drink, and it is “bubbling” up your nose.

What effect does carbonation have on the body? Does it lead to weight gain?

For starters, carbonated beverages do not make you fat per se. In other words, it is not the carbonation that has an effect on your weight.

But. . . . . . . . .

You are not out of the woods by any means. Though not the carbonation, it is the tremendous amount of sugar that these drinks contain that is THE cause of weight gain. The more sugar consumed, the more a person gains weight.

So does this mean that drinks like mineral water are safe? Well, not quite. Consuming larger amounts on a regular basis lead to the demineralization of the teeth. It pulls the minerals and trace minerals from the teeth. You actually begin to notice it, as the teeth have the appearance of being a bit transparent.

The tough question to answer is “What constitutes ‘larger’ amounts?” Though no general consensus is agreed, in my experience, those who consume 2 or more 12- ounce carbonated beverages on a daily basis begin to notice the effects I described above.

Once in a while, any carbonated beverage is fine. When once in a while, become regular do the problems truly begin.

Dr. David Orman is the creator of Dr. Orman’s Wellness School. This is an ongoing, online school designed to help anyone learn how to use the many aspects of Natural Medicine to improve their health, wellness, energy and overall appearance.



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