How THIS Can Made a Huge Difference with Weight and Eating

It is a newish. . .sort of. . .but not really. . . .  movement, having “started” in the late 1980s and called the “Slow Food Movement.”

It is defined as: “encouraging people to slow the pace of life in order to truly savor not only foods and beverages but the pleasure of eating and the companionship of friends and family sitting around the table.”

The funny thing is that if you do any degree of research or simple reading from Chinese dietary book, you will find this exact same concept.

The spleen, considered the major organ of digestion cannot process food in large volume period, let alone large volume over a short period of time. Digestion becomes problematic as does absorption.

Additionally, when people eat at a rapid pace, they have a tendency to consume much more food to get the feeling of being satiated. As one would imagine, aside from the above digestive issues, it is a major contributor to obesity.

Doc’s Thoughts: To combat such a problem, divide the plate in 1/4. After consuming the first 1/4, put down all utensils and stop eating for at least 3 minutes. Continue with each section as well.

This will teach your body and your psyche to sloooow down the eating process, improve digestion and reduce consumption and thus, weight.

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