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How to Crush Average and Excel In These 4 Areas

Anyone can be average. Anyone can slide by and be part of the norm. It takes minimal effort. In fact these days, it takes virtually no effort.

For some of us, we prefer excelling. We wish to take our health and our lives in general and paint them with vivid experiences. We wish to add a dash of excitement and a pinch of high energy and make it into a meal that feels worth living.

Here are 4 ways to go beyond average into the world of Excelling:

  1. Overall Health. The average person gets 3 colds per year, lasting 7-10 days on average.

How To Excel: Use the herb Astragalus on a regular basis. This substance, along with Royal Jelly and Doc Wellness Supplement will boost your immune system and make it as strong as possible. This trio is the best-known prevention program for colds, respiratory infections and other such illness.

2. Overall Nutrition. The average doctor gets 3.2 hours of nutritional education during their 10-12 year college training. Most give 0 minutes of nutrition counseling to patients.

How to Excel: Become an expert on this area. There are so many sites and so much great information. Live by the motto, “The best health care is self-health care.” Prevention is so much easier than treatments.

Simple but powerful measures can be taken on a regular basis. Drink Slippery Elm tea to keep the Lympathic System health. This is THE key to prevention of major illnesses. Cut down sugar and white flour consumption. Instead, add more greens, proteins and a little fruit, particularly pomegranate.

Avoid GMOs and look for locally grown, organic foods. Eat a handful of raw almonds a day. Almonds are considered the perfect food for the heart.

Follow your dreams and live with passion. Deal with fears and don’t hide from them. You are capable of so much more than realized.

3.  Overall Fitness. Most people in their 30s and 40s have a body fat percentage of 29%. 50-year-olds are in the 30 plus percent.

How to Excel: Get on a weight training program. Learn about this, how to eat and how to train effectively at any age at Dr. Orman’s Wellness School.

By adding muscle size OR density, your body will require more calories even when resting. Translation — you will lose weight even if you are not training.

4. Overall Life Satisfaction: Average people complain and rarely express gratitude. They are quick to criticize and slow to compliment. Today, it is even easy to hide behind a keyboard and rip into others.

How to Excel: Get a jar and write down a daily or weekly item that you are grateful for or person that you are grateful to. At the end of the year, review them out loud with your whole family.

Volunteer. Give to others, be they 2 legged or 4 legged. You are here and you are alive because of others – parents, teachers, farmers, police etc. So many others have helped create wonderful lives for us. Thank them. Write to them if they live far away. Say it to their face if they live close by. The average person will not do this.

Excel! Isn’t it time?!


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