Tasty Way to Delay the Aging of the Brain

It is not often I get to say the words “tasty” and “very healthy” in the very same sentence. Today is one of those days.

An article published in Annals of Neurology reported a significantly protective effect a diet which contains high amounts of . . . here is the tasty part. . .blueberries and strawberries have, on cognitive decline; that is, the more blueberries and strawberries are consumed, the healthier the brain is.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School noted a high amount of blueberries or strawberries was associated with slower decline in cognitive function test scores over time, compared to individuals who did not consume the aforementioned.

The average delay? 2.5 years. A rather significant amount.

Doc’s Thoughts: More and more research is coming out, noting the tremendous benefits consumption of berries have. This study noted blueberries and strawberries improving cognitive functioning. Others have noted that raspberries have fat burning compounds. Still others have noted that berries in general, contain immune boosting components.

Make berries a part of your regular routine. Replace the chocolate bar or ice cream with some fresh, crisp, flavor-packed berries and watch your overall health improve!

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