How to Protect Your DNA

Every second that passes an “attack” on your DNA is occurring, either via internal means or environmental factors. If your system is strong, it can fend itself. It not, mutation leading to (typically) major disease(s) occurs.

There is a special group of plants known as Xanthophylls that have protective qualities against DNA damage. These substances have been researched for their abilities to prevent DNA damage and also to reduce the incidences of disease. In others words, they keep you strong and healthy.

Damage to DNA is what causes aging and age released disease. If you can prevent or at least reduce the occurrences of such events, health will find you. How can this be done? There are a number of ways.

At the top of the list is the inclusion of lutein and zeaxanthin. These substances are found in yellow, orange and deep green leafy vegetables. Studies have shown that individuals who have a consumption of large amounts of fruit and vegetables have lower rates of cancers and DNA-related diseases.

Supplementation with the aforementioned substances, along with Doc Wellness Supplement can also be very helpful.

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