Once upon a time, as a practicum throughout my Master’s diploma, I labored with school college students.

Mainly freshman ladies, however as phrase unfold of our chats hangouts (oops) I typically ended up with a combined aged group all chatting about the identical factor:

Food physique picture.

Years later, in a land distant the place I was nonetheless paying off my diploma but not using it, I opened a boutique coaching studio.

It was the ninety’s and my sole focus was empowering ladies by means of health.

As phrase of my studio unfold, nevertheless, I quickly discovered I spent extra time in my workplace with shoppers (A cheers for utilizing that counseling diploma) than on the studio flooring.

We all the time chatted about the identical factor:

Food physique picture.

These two teams, years aside, needed to concentrate on the identical wrestle:


As a lady who’d by no means struggled with binge consuming it opened my eyes (extra the previous group), allowed me to assist (thank M-d for my schooling) and impressed upon me the seriousness of Binge Eating Disorder in all its types.

Flash ahead a number of years extra and a brand new phrase emerged:

Binge watching.

Mainly used to check with tv collection viewing it describes watching a present in a swifter succession than meant or longer time spans than standard.


(I watched…however not unexpectedly.)

For instance:

I DVR’d Shahs of Sunset and binged on your complete season this weekend.

I’ve hated that phrase from the primary time I heard it.

Not solely did it really feel mocking of one thing I’d witnessed in all its critical, highly effective essence—I had to consider binging on something (from donuts to Downton Abbey) couldn’t be good.

I’ve hated that phrase from the primary time I heard it.

I have a visceral response every time I hear or learn somebody say she “binged” on her fave present, is gloomy it’s over does anybody have strategies for what she might “binge” on subsequent?

(we watched…however s-l-o-w-l-y)

For me the time period brings to thoughts senseless consumption (in a adverse auto-pilot means) of exhibits.

It sparks me to visualise the binger watching but not really experiencing in a verging on trance like state.

This submit languished in my drafts for some time and would nonetheless be there if Id not spied the under in a magazine:

(photograph: Entertainment Weekly journal)

The column entitled BINGE!

The commercial on the other web page!

The publish emerged from drafts because it sparked me to confront the looming reality I may be a fuddy duddy, moist blanket (hey you youngsters git off my garden!).

While others have thoughtfully addressed destructive results binge viewing has on psychological state–I can’t even progress to that time.

I’ve hated the very phrase from the primary time I heard it.

Now you.

  • Am I moist blanket and lacking the humor?
  • Have you ever paused and thought of the origin of the phrase?