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If It is NOT Flu Season, What Is the Problem?

One of my pet peeves is the phrase, “It is flu season.” “Flu season” was created by Madison Avenue marketing people. It is not a medical fact by any means. There are 4 seasons and this is NOT one of them.

OK, I got it out of my system. Here is the rest of the story. . . .

There are individuals who are more susceptible then others during this time period to colds and other immune problems. The reason? Digestion.

During this time, some people tend to do the following:
1. Eat too much (or at least more than usual).
2. More too little.

This combination never works. What happens is that the undigested food has a tendency to “linger” in the digestive tract. Over time, this causes immune problems; specifically, this weakens immunity and makes one susceptible to viruses, bacteria etc.

What Can Be Done

The good news is that this is an easy correction. Take a few simple steps and you can prevent a host of annoying problems and season-ruining illnesses. The simple steps are:

1. Enjoy each and every bite. I mean really, really enjoy it. If your focus is on enjoyment (versus volume), you will naturally stop eating when you are full, not “over-full.”
2. Add cinnamon for flavor. This will also keep the blood sugar levels in a healthy range and improve digestion.
3. Add 2 digestive enzymes after your meal. This will allow for the breakdown of foods (vs. unhealthy accumulation of food) and keep the spleen and other digestive organs healthy.
4. Take a walk after your meal. Walk with the kids or the dog. What ever gets you moving, but MOVE. This will be as medicinal as anything.

The Holidays are a wonderful time to be with family and friends. Staying healthy is a prerequisite for enjoyment.



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