Immunity and Endurance Training

For years, I read the literature that stated: “endurance training lowers immunity.”

For years, I have done endurance training (for an annual marathon) and found the exact opposite to be true. The more endurance training I did, the stronger my immune system became.

Now, decades later, science has finally confirmed what I have known to be true for 12 years and 11 marathons: Endurance training improves immunity.

Researchers at the University of Bath in the UK found that endurance training actually BOOSTS your immunity.

During exercise, the number of infection-fighting T-cells in the blood increases up to 10 times the normal. It was initially thought that these cells were destroyed but in fact, are just relocated to the areas more susceptible to infection and illness. The lungs would be an example.

So dust off the running shoes and sign up for a marathon. Your immunity system will love you for it.

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