Improving Sleep: Part 1, The Test

This week’s topic is sleep (it will be a 2 part series. Before we get into the details, please take this simple test. It is rather simple.

You will note the questions, followed by 3 possible answers. Along with the answers is a numerical value, either +1, zero or minus 1. At the end, just add up your score.

When you increase exercise or activity by 10% or more do you:

– sleep more (+1), no change (0) or sleep less (-1).

Unscheduled or sudden interuptions disrupt your sleep cycle. After each disruption, your cycle has to restart before going into deep sleep.

  • None (+1),
  • 1-2 times per night (0) or
  • more than twice per night (-1).

Falling asleep takes 15 minutes on average for me.

  • 15 minutes (+1),
  • 5-15 minutes (0),
  • less than 5 minutes (-1).

Worrying before bed keeps my mind racing, cutting down on total number of sleep hours. My mental state before bed is usually:

  • calm (+1),
  • moderately relaxed (0) or
  • mind is racing (-1).

Irregular eating patterns such as missing meals or consuming a large meal too close to sleep time OR being dehydrated can interfere with sleeping. My eating habits are:

  • I eat every 4-6 hours (+1),
  • I eat 3 meals per day (0)
  • I “bounce around” with meals and do not eat regularly or have regular patterns (-1).

Add up your score. If your score is:

– Zero or anything negative, this is a strong indication of sleep deprivation. You are not getting enough sleep or the patterns that you have involving sleep are not suited for you.

– A score of 1-3. You “passed” the test but there is certainly room for improvement.

– A score of 4 or more and all is well. You get the gold star.

Next week, we will cover what can be done to significantly improve sleep patterns (and even dreaming patterns). Until next week. . . .

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