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It sounds like science fiction or a lost episode of Star Trek. Believe it or not, these are happening today. . . .

1. In China, scientists crossed human genes with DNA of cow embryos. There are now some 200 hybrid cows that can now produce human breast milk.
2. In Canada, scientists produced “enviropigs;” that is, genes from mice crossed with pigs so their waste is more “environmentally friendly.” I am all for helping the environment but this pushes the boundary way too far!
3. Scientist in Japan have created a mouse that tweets like a bird. Once again, a mouse that tweets like a bird.
4. One American corporation now produces salmon that grows three times as fast as normal. Lord only knows what happens if humans and/or animals consume them short or long-term.
5. Scientists in South Korea produced a cat which can glow in the dark. Nice to know that taxpayers’ money everywhere is not being wasted.
 6. In Japan, scientists can now grow rat organs inside of mice. I wonder if the glow-in-the-dark cats will be chasing these critters.
7. In the heartland of America, creatures  are created that cross  part pig and part human DNA. They are being grown with the goals of providing organs for human transplants. (Maybe Kramer was right . . . there are pig men!)
8. Scientists at the Rockefeller University have injected human genes into mice. These hybrids are being used to study the spread of Hepatitis C virus.
9. American scientists have grown new skin, bone, cartilage, corneas, arteries and urethras.
10. Nexia, a Canadian company, has genetically modified a goat to be part spider. These creatures produce spider silk protein in their milk. These fibers are said to be more flexible than nylon and stronger than steel.
Ever get the feeling we have taken a very wrong turn??

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