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Listening for Weight Loss

I love learning languages and have taken on the tasks of learning Japanese, a most challenging language. Then again, any language you currently do not speak is challenging.

My schedule is full to say the least. In addition to running our Dezine Management Doc Wellness Supplement business, I continually update our sites and blogs, process the Doctor’s Visit on CD, Blood Test results analysis, Trace Mineral Analysis, lecture and teach Natural Medicine subjects, teach martial arts,  take a monthly trip to W. Palm Beach, train for a marathon and an assortment of other ventures and tasks. Needless to say, I enjoy being busy and productive. Learning is growing.

One of the challenges is time; that is, how can I maximize my time to get the best results. In the process of researching this, I came across the notion of using music to improve learning. Back in the early 1980’s, I had first read about 2 women who went to what was then called the Iron Curtain countries and learned about Sophrology and Suggestology and other advanced learning methods.

Somewhere back in the gray matter, I recalled this material and (re-) researched this and began to apply it. The results have been exceptional. Learning is much easier and the entire process has been a joy.

Then came the “side effect.” Toward the back of an obscure article about the aforementioned learning topics, there was a paragraph about the effects of specific music on weight loss. Would listening to 5000 hz added to slow Baroque at dinner help humans absorb nutrients better from our food?

The answer was a resounding YES. When restaurant patrons ate their dinner to slow classical music, they munched more slowly, digested better and did not gain weight. Some even lost weight despite not changing their diet or excise program. When these people ate to rock, they ate rapidly, had digestive issues and gained weight.

There were numerous other health benefits associated with classical music, as well as the aforementioned improvement in memory.

There is something very healthy and medicinal associated with music that is 5000 hz and above.

. . . Stay tuned for updates on this subject.

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Lisa Leitl says September 21, 2010

Love this blog and so true. Music really effects me when I’m eating out and I find the choice of music sometimes offensive for eating.

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