“I am a human. But I am a princess.”


Liv: “I need a godmother.”

Me: “You have a godmother, foolish. Auntie Meg is your godmother!”

Liv: “But why doesn’t she have wings?”


Liv: “I simply like to nap every single day.”

Me: “Me too. Naps are the perfect! “

Liv: “They’re simply actually very lovely.”


Me [talking to Siri]: “Call Hottie.”

Liv: “Who is Hottie? Is that your pal?”

Me: “No, that’s Daddy!”

Liv: “Why do you name him Hottie? That’s a potty phrase.”


Liv: “I really feel like a potato.”

Me: “You need to eat a potato?”

Liv: “No, I simply really feel like one.”


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