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How This One Substance Can Help Lower BP

Yogurt has quite the history. Its roots date back to the 3rd millennium B.C. At that time, those who tended to goats in the area now called Turkey started fermenting milk in bags made from sheep skin. The purpose was to preserve it and make it portable. In the process of doing this, yogurt was created.

Today, yogurt has many health benefits with the most recently noted one – reducing high blood pressure.

A 15-year study which included over 2000 participants showed that when yogurt was consumed on a daily basis, a reduction in high blood pressure was noted by 31%.

Additionally, yogurt was seen as a prevention for this problem which affects some 13.4 million Americans.

There are many types of yogurt but as a general rule, look for the following:

  • Low sugar
  • Avoid sugar substitutes
  • Greek yogurt is considered the healthiest, as it contains a fair amount of protein and is typically low in sugar


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