No More Hair Loss or Greying?

It works, but only on mice.

So far. At least it is a start.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins stated that they have achieved the following breakthroughs:

  • reversed hair loss
  • reversed greying of the hair
  • reversed inflammatory reaction of the skin (sagging)

Again, it is only in mice.

The way such changes were made was by feeding them a diet high in fat and cholesterol. These 2 factors were previously associated with hair issues in humans; that is, high fat and high cholesterol diets correlated with higher rates of hair loss and greying.

Also, the mice were given D-PDMP (D-threo-1-phenyl-2-decanoylamino-3-morpholino-1-propanol) – a nearly impossible to pronounce pharmaceutical used to treat inflammation of the skin.

The lead researcher, Dr. Subroto Chatterjee stated that the results showed the following:

“A Western diet causes hair loss, hair whitening and skin inflammation in mice, and we believe a similar process occurs in men who lose hair and experience hair whitening when they eat a diet high in fat and cholesterol.”

Doc’s Thoughts: To say that a Western diet causes or contributes to what is akin to premature aging is not exactly news. The fact that high fats and cholesterol were the main culprits is in my opinion, odd. The study did not mention what specific fats were being consumed so that would be a telling factor.

Fats such as those found in nuts, avocado, coconut etc., are essential to overall health and wellness. Consuming healthy fats rid the body of overall fat.

Also, those symptoms mentioned – hair loss, greying, inflammation – as well as many others, can be reduced, stopped or even reversed with the addition of human growth hormone releasers such as Doc Wellness Supplement.

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