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Dr. David Orman 
Product Developer

Here is What You Need to Know About Dr. Orman’s Doc Wellness supplement™:

Doc Wellness supplement™ is the groundbreaking formula, serving 1000s of satisfied customers from all over the globe. We have set the standard in Anti-Aging supplements and continue to be the Leader in the field.
Doc Wellness supplement™ was designed by a Master Herbalist and Expert in the field of Clinical Nutrition, Dr. David Orman. Having treated thousands of patients first hand, this formula was crafted to meet the needs of people just like you, and provide solutions to your health concerns.
Doc Wellness supplement™ features herbs. This is very important because your body views herbs in a similar fashion to food, making them easy to absorb compared to vitamins or minerals. Bottom line, this means they will work in your system quicker.

expert in anti aging medicine david ormanAll of the ingredients in Doc Wellness supplement™ are safe, proven and 100% natural. There are no artificial ingredients at all. The ingredients in Doc Wellness supplement™ are free from pesticides or other harmful additives. For you the customer, this ensures safety and effectiveness.

Doc Wellness supplement is in liquid form because of its high absorption rate. It is considered “predigested” and readily taken in by the digestive system. Tablets or capsules are the most difficult for the body to digest. It is estimated that 10-20% of tablet contents are absorbed. Capsules have a slightly higher rate.
Doc Wellness supplement™ is in a liquid carrier solution of rice vinegar and soy seed oil. A medical conference in Florida presented data which stated that rice vinegar and soy seed oil are considered the most effective carrier solutions. Again, this means increased absorption and increased effectiveness for you, our customer.

Why the Competition Falls Short:

Virtually all of the other human growth hormone products are in tablet or in capsules. A number are in the ineffective and potentially dangerous spray form. In addition, there are synthetic binders and fillers found in sprays which are harmful to the system.Sprays are NOT absorbed under the tongue. Even if some of the substance(s) are absorbed via spray, the dosages are small and have little effect on the body.
Many are MLMs or “hype” machines, often “borrowing” our name and information. They are not the original formula, but rather cheap imitations.  They move from one product to the next anything they see as popular and can easily sell. For us, it is a way of life, a deep indescribable passion that moves us to help others via Doc Wellness Supplement™ and the other services we offer.

Competitors: Most of the other products use synthetic or non-botanical ingredients. Some contain potentially dangerous glandulars, homeopathic HGH or mega-dose amino acids. This is the result of laboratory information alone instead of the first-hand clinical observation.
 Most other products were manufactured by chemists in labs with regard to formulas and figures, not People. The formulas may look acceptable on paper, but people’s chemistry are so unique that true “people-testing” is a must.

Fortunately, there is an Answer!

Doc Wellness supplement™ Additional Highlights

Doc Wellness Supplement™ is a Liquid, making it more absorbable. Uses only natural ingredients, making it safe for you. Designed by a natural health Expert working with individuals, not developed by someone in a laboratory.
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