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Yes. If you need additional information, go to the Official Guidelines Page HERE. Dr. David Orman is THE nutrition expert and will be happy to address questions that are not included here.

What is human growth hormone and how does it work?”

Human Growth Hormone is the master hormone in the body produced by the pituitary gland. It stimulates, balances and affects every other system in the body from the cardiovascular to the musculoskeletal system. It starts to decrease around the age of 31 which is why supplementation is needed.

Because hGH is new, aren’t there problems that we might not be aware of?

HGH is not new to any degree. It has been tested to be safe in over 18,000 studies over more than a decade. This product Doc Wellness Supplement™ and the processing method of Alpha Trisequelene™ are both new and revolutionary. This formula also has an exemplary safety record and an impressive history.

Is this product, Doc Wellness Supplement™ safe?

Doc Wellness Supplement™ is completely safe, without side-effects. Every single batch of product produced is laboratory tested for safety and effectiveness. Additionally, our standards are higher than what is required by law.

All of the healing ingredients such as herbs and amino acids are the highest quality known. The herbs are wildcrafted, free of fumigants, and additives.


What form is this product in?

Doc Wellness Supplement™ is a liquid tincture, making it the easiest and most digestible form of human growth hormone on the market. It comes in a one (1) ounce bottle which represents a one-month supply.

When can I anticipate noticing a difference?

Every person’s chemistry is unique. Some people experience results within 1 week, while others take 2 months.

On average it takes approximately 3 weeks for the majority of people to begin appreciating and experiencing the wonderful changes. While most people will actually “feel” a difference, some people only notice outward changes.

When hGH levels are increased, the benefits are numerous but are not always felt; that is, you may see the differences, notice it via reduction of weight and other examples. It is not uncommon for patients to report “looking years younger” after only 8 months use of Doc Wellness Supplement™ while not actually “feeling” a difference.

Why is Doc Wellness Supplement™ superior?

Doc Wellness Supplement™is the premiere human growth hormone releasing formula for many reasons. Its dual-action is a major reason. Our type of formulation has been reported to actually regenerate an organ or gland, while amino acids and herbs can help the pituitary gland release its own hormone. It is the only formula that has been on the market for many years, clinically proven safe and effective and doctor developed.

Why is your product, Doc Wellness Supplement™ so much more affordable?

Perhaps the question should be “Why are all the other companies charging 2-3 times the price of Doc Wellness Supplement™?” This formula was developed by Dr. David Orman, an Herbal Clinician, working with patients for many years, not by chemists.

 Are there any animal products in your formula?

No. There are no animal products at all in our formula. Also, no animal testing was done on our formula. (In fact, a portion of our sales from our product go directly to support a local wildlife refuge.)

Why do so many competitors use your name, information and other materials?

When you are the industry leader, that is to be expected. We were the original and remain the top-selling product of its kind. Unfortunately, this goes with the territory.

Our Nutrition Company Guarantee

As stated from the very beginning, we at Doc Wellness can guarantee that our trials were done with complete integrity and honesty. We did not have to manipulate data due to the fact that our nutrition product speaks for itself. We did not have to screen for the ideal candidates because our formula is for both younger and older, males and females. Dr. Orman’s Doc Wellness Supplement™ is the most respected formula on the market.

Your health is the most valuable commodity.